Reminders are always good.

I have been preoccupied this week as that Surelock break came in the mail on Monday. Took it apart piece-by-piece to figure out how the system works and then put it on the chair. Like everything that happens to me, two pieces are literally a hair off measurement so the thing does not work. With […]


You see, the walker I used prior where the cheapest walkers consumers can buy; Nova brand walkers. I started to use one in September 2010. Friedreich’s ataxia causes quick jerky-like movements; as a result I cracked 3 of them in the same spot. Now note Nova walkers are made in Vietnam- not sure of it […]

Manual Wheelchair Brake Options

I have been using basic manual wheels for the past 4 months. While being ‘handy’ doing light maintenance such as: checking for loose screws/bolts, tire pressure, cleaning the frame, cleaning the ball bearings from the caster wheels in the front from hair, and replacing worn-out pieces- the thing is constant upkeep. On top of all […]


Everyday I drink Black Tea; Lipton brand specifically. For the past 5 years or so I have been consuming it and honestly the taste is awful. I have added Honey before (The good ‘natural’ kind from Whole Foods, not the cheep artificial corn syrup stuff.) and I never put it in my tea right. The […]

2016 is my independent year!

It looks like I am first on the wait-list for an accessible apartment here in Vancouver! Close to my family, employer, and friends. I should have done this 10-11 years ago, but I have been chasing a dream that I have been patiently working towards. I am coming into terms of my situation. Life is […]

DogFest Portland

I have always wanted a dog ever since I was a kid. My family has never been pet people. I totally understand why. When I was 15 years old or so, I convinced my mom I could take care of gold fish. At that time I got a small 2-gallon tank, a few gold fish, […]

Changing cards in Poker.

I am slowly changing my comfort level. I am actively looking at apartments in the Vancouver area! I should have done this a long time ago, but I have always been dragging my feet forgoing this process. I have put my life on hold ever since graduating from the University a few years ago due […]

A new site by your truly.

It took a year or so to get the entire hosting situation under control- but last week I launched the new PT Elite Inc website for my physical therapist, Michelle Tonkinson. I am so honored and thrilled to work on this project. I have learned tremendously on this project- specifically if I ever have my […]