Changing cards in Poker.

I am slowly changing my comfort level. I am actively looking at apartments in the Vancouver area! I should have done this a long time ago, but I have always been dragging my feet forgoing this process. I have put my life on hold ever since graduating from the University a few years ago due to two things:

A: My plans have not gone the way I wanted to.

B: I never found the opportunity after college that everyone assumes you get.

I am tired of fighting the idea of goals that are not being achieved. I need to start living for today and less occupied about the future. Looking back at my life at this moment in time I appreciate all the hard work and determination I have done. The best part is that my life is not over!

I have been ignoring the daily experiences that could have been a positive, rewarding, or at least a good learning experience- ultimately for a skewed reality that has been in my head all these years. I need to remind myself my life is not over, just because my plans have not molded into the way I wanted does not mean I failed.

The point is that I need to live for today, and not so much plan for the future. Friedreich’s ataxia is not defining my soul, but it is visual for the world to see. It is not going away and when a serious progressive neurological is in play- like in the game in Poker I need to play the cards whether good or bad. Staying positive is the key.