Reminders are always good.

I have been preoccupied this week as that Surelock break came in the mail on Monday. Took it apart piece-by-piece to figure out how the system works and then put it on the chair. Like everything that happens to me, two pieces are literally a hair off measurement so the thing does not work.

With my amazing patience, Photoshop skills to explain the problem technically, and my ability to write emails with cohesive sentences- I am sending the two pieces back. (If the form I filled out was checked this would have not been an issue.) I expect errors. I mean where all human, but sometimes I get annoyed though… ugh. Patience… Patience Todd.

We all need reminders of how blessed we are. Take North Korea for example. The entire place is crap, but I feel real empathetic to disabled people in that country. Read The Gaurdians article about Ji Seong-ho story losing his left hand and foot. Basically he explains all of society in that country is fighting for basics needs, so disability rights is not an issue.

I cannot imagine being in a concentration camp being forced to work with no relationships of any kind . Watch about camp 14.

Shin Dong-hyuk is the only man who has escaped North Korea and is talking about it. The regime of the DPRK has changed how he views what his biological family means to him. It is interesting.

I have my good days and bad days like everyone else. I will open up to the fact that there are some days where I do not want to get out of bed because of FA. There are plenty of negative things to look out in society. In life you have to realize and accept things that is beyond our control. When life gets hard think about what other people deal with. I am blessed by not living in North Korea. Being born you have no choice of who your parents are or where on this planet.

Until Next Time.

In the meantime stay positive.