You see, the walker I used prior where the cheapest walkers consumers can buy; Nova brand walkers. I started to use one in September 2010.

Friedreich’s ataxia causes quick jerky-like movements; as a result I cracked 3 of them in the same spot.

Now note Nova walkers are made in Vietnam- not sure of it is a quality issue. I looked more into it and I am by all means no engineer or medal expert, but there is a thing with medal known as metal fatigue. Aluminum has a less stress limit than say Titanium (What the wheelchair frame is made of).

I know others with FA with a higher quality walkers that last for more than a few months. Dashaway walkers work for people with FA, but I cannot make myself buy a walker for 1400 bucks. I discovered they are made of Aluminum too. It is a better built product and the alloy (mixture of the medal). I considered purchasing this walker a few years back.

However, when I inquired about the walker in 2014 the owner was either getting rid of the inventory of what the company had or going out of business? It made me less interested that there was only one color left, red. Not to say red is a bad color, but it is not my favorite.

Call my crazy, but when I make a large purchase I get to pick the color. We do not live in 1908 when the Model-T color is only available in black*. You have the decency to pick the color now. The owner wouldn’t budge on the price after I asked for a discount.

At that time in early 2014 I was using the wheelchair for the past 3 years anyway, so spending 1400 for yet another bulky walker is pointless. I still have my 3rd Nova walker. It has not broke yet as I rarely use it. Some standing still; walking with it is tricky as I put my weight on the handle bars to counter-act my lose of balance. I really should put 100-150 pounds of paperweight to it, but the frame will break for sure.

The advice for future FA patients looking at getting a walker? I’d say talk to as many people you can on what to get. I did not want to think about using a walker. I just went into my local medical supply place one day, looked at the two different walkers they had in stalk and picked one. Research the durable medical equipment you use!