2016 is my independent year!

It looks like I am first on the wait-list for an accessible apartment here in Vancouver! Close to my family, employer, and friends. I should have done this 10-11 years ago, but I have been chasing a dream that I have been patiently working towards. I am coming into terms of my situation. Life is short and I need this experience.

The complex is hard to get as it is one of the very few subsidized places in East Vancouver. I signed up for the wait-list at the beginning of August (and I was #8 on the list!) with the next first level apartment available early spring 2016. Once a month I would get a call on Sundays where I was asked if I want to still be on the wait-list. If it was a voicemail they informed me 24 hours to respond or I would be taken off.

Apparently they did that with the other 8 people ahead of me because now I am the runner up!