A new site by your truly.

It took a year or so to get the entire hosting situation under control- but last week I launched the new PT Elite Inc website for my physical therapist, Michelle Tonkinson. I am so honored and thrilled to work on this project.

I have learned tremendously on this project- specifically if I ever have my own website business one day. Hosting should entirely be handled by the designer- it is just jargon to most people.

The site is mostly complete- however I need images of everyone that is working there along with a paragraph. I am also annoyed that there is a small right margin and/or padding on select smartphones. Overall I am happy how it turned out.

I am excited getting the physical therapy office in Vancouver, Washington up-to-date in SEO and connecting the social network ties to the site. Under the search term in Google, “vancouver wa physical therapy” the site is section D on the map of Vancouver WA and the 10th organic search link on the first page.

The goal is obviously the best- this will be an evolving task over a period of time 🙂